Civil Litigation

There are times when it may be necessary to settle a dispute in court versus settling cases outside of court. While the best case scenario is always to settle without time-consuming litigation, it is imperative that you work with an attorney who is not only willing to take your case to court but is also fully prepared.  Some of the cases we can help with include:

  • Debt Collection and Debt Defense Litigation – whether you are attempting to collect a lawful debt or you need help fighting a collection agency who will not stop harassing you, the Law Offices of Larry L. Nash can be of assistance.
  • Business Litigation: Contract Disputes and Breach of Contract Actions– if you have had a vendor, client or landlord attempt to break a contract or they are claiming you have violated the terms of a contract, we can help prepare a case for you. While we understand the best option is to settle these matters as quickly as possible, we will be fully prepared to litigate contract disputes in court when necessary.
  • Tenant/Landlord Litigation – California has very stringent requirements regarding how a landlord may evict a tenant. If you are a landlord who has a non-paying tenant or a tenant who is violating lease terms, contact us for assistance.  Tenants who are forced to make repairs or who have not received their security deposits back may also need to speak with an attorney.
  • Real Property Litigation – disputes between property owners regarding property boundaries, right-of way issues or other types of property matters need a skilled attorney who understands how to access land records in California. We can provide you with the skills needed to prove your case.
  • Partnership/Corporate Dispute Litigation – when a dispute arises with a partner or another board of director member, you need an attorney who has strong skills and a knowledge of California business laws.

Whether you are an individual who is facing difficulties with a landlord or a collection agency, a business owner who is involved in a contract dispute or a partial owner of a business who is involved in a dispute over ownership or other business matters, you can count on us for help. Contact the Law Offices of Larry L. Nash at 818-993-8522 and we can review your specific legal issues and advise you of what steps you can take to protect yourself. Whenever necessary, we will prepare for litigation.